Regardless of where you live, every council has a Building Control department to ensure that the correct building regulations are upheld in housing and development.

The building regulations cover a variety of topics such as structural safety, fire safety, ventilation, drainage, electrical safety and many others. They also define what types of building, plumbing, and heating projects amount to ‘Building Work’ and specify what buildings are exempt from control under Building Regulations.

They apply to most building work, so it is important to know what kind of approval you will need. Whether you choose to gain approval through the Building Control system of your Local Authority or through an approved inspector (Private Building Control), we can provide the guidance and assistance you need.

Building Control involvement spans from pre-site procedures to the completion of your project and we are there to liaise with them at every step along the way, including filling in the appropriate applications and arranging the necessary site visits. This all ties in closely to the management of your project and the selection of contractors and technical consultants.

For more information on Building Control, see the Planning Portal.