Permitted Development

Certain minor changes can legally be made to houses without applying for planning permission. These are changes that fall under “permitted development rights”, meaning that general permission is given by Parliament instead of your local authority.

In some areas, however, permitted development rights are restricted. For instance, Conservation Areas, National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Beauty require householders to obtain planning permission for certain works where it would not be necessary elsewhere. This may also be true with Listed Buildings.

So how can you know what you need?

When we have our initial half hour consultation with you, we discuss your proposal and weigh up what the best option for you would be. Our knowledge of local and national planning policy helps us determine how best to go about the Planning stage of your project and what kind of permission you’ll need.

It is also worth noting that the local authority may have removed some of your permitted development rights by issuing an Article 4 direction. For more information on Article 4 directions and permitted development rights in general, please see the Planning Portal.