You’re a home owner and want A new house, an extension, a loft conversionor to remodel parts of your property.

Not sure how or where to start?

Talk to us. We understand that undertaking such work can be stressful. Maybe you have concerns about cost, the timeframe or the reliability of those who work on your home. Perhaps you are unsure of the process or what planning and legal options you have.

We offer a full service

We can help. As Chartered Architectural Technologists we have the expertise and experience to take you from initial concept right through to completion.

Homeowners often get a raw deal. They get very little support through the process. We offer you the same service as we offer to commercial clients, but tailored to fit you and your project.

Free consultation

We'd love to meet you, find out about your project and discuss what would be involved.

What then?

After the consultation we will give you an estimate. This will be broken down into 4 key stages. You choose which stages you would like us carry out, and we'll give you an approximate timeframe.

You can be sure that the work we do is affordable, meets all your needs and is within planning guidelines for your area.

Stage 1


"I know what I want" - Great! We'll meet with you and get to know you and your concept or ideas and discuss how they could work.

"I'm not sure what to do, but the house is too small." - No Worries. We'll meet with you and see what you need and offer options.

Stage 2 

permission to BUILD

We will identify the path of least resistance as far as possible, to get you through the planning maze, by considering the maximum use of Permitted Devopment rights (using a Lawful Development Certificate) before a Planning Application.

It may be better to make 2 applications rather than one to limit the risk of refusal, we will look at this too.

Stage 3 


This is where it all gets a bit TECHNICAL!

We will work up technical drawings and specifications to building regulation level.

Stage 4 


It may seem like a long road, but we are NEARLY THERE!

We will enhance the detail one more time to a construction level, that will form contract documents.

At this point the design process is finished!


BIM explanation
BIM explanation

an intuitive, 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) application

create higher quality and more accurate designs and documentation.

Create and edit 2D drawings and documentation with precision 

Helps create precise detailed 2D technical drawings.