One of the most contentious areas in a homeowner's project.
We can help facilitate the quickest resolution and limit spiraling costs


The Party Wall etc. ACT 1996

The Legislation that dictates what you should do when working on or near a party wall.

This ACT is designed to be an "enabling" ACT, meaning that it's intention is to keep projects moving forward and engender good relationships with neighbors.

The Party Wall etc. ACT 1996


we are members of the FPWS

Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors

It is true that a Partywall Surveyor does not need to have a formal qualification in the industry, but we have found that with a qualification comes a superior knowledge. That knowledge can give helpful insights on the nuances of the Party Wall etc ACT 1996.

We have had advanced training in how the legislation should be applied and after having our portfolio assessed and passing the exam we have attained the accreditation MFPWS.

We will work to find the most pragmatic solution to get the project moving, whilst at the same time ensuring that the legislation is being applied correctly.