1. Definitions.

1.1          “Technical Detail” shall be hereinafter referred to as “we”, “our”, “TD”.

1.2          The client shall be herein after referred to as “you”, “your”, “client”.

2. The Works.

2.1          The works shall be as agreed and as detailed on our Estimate.

2.2          Only the drawings and specifications we deem necessary to achieve the works specified on the estimate shall be produced.

2.3          Our work towards achieving Local Authority Planning Approval shall be by way of initial submission, with reasonable further required minor amendments/discussions with the Local Authority.

2.4          Work to amend and revise drawings once submitted has not been allowed for, if additional drawing, documentation or LPA liaison work is required, after submission, it will be charged as “Variations” below.

2.5          We cannot guarantee gaining Local Authority Approvals.

2.6          A signed copy of this agreement or any payment made of stages fees within the estimate or and payment of invoices submitted shall constitute proof of agreement to these Terms and Conditions and to the estimate by the client.

2.7          TD will be allowed to take photographs prior, during & following construction for promotional use.

2.7          TD will be allowed to keep all information gathered & formed, including personal data.

2.8          When making applications to Local Authorities TD will not be held responsible for delays in registering applications or receiving decisions.

3. Copyright.

3.1          Copyright of any work produced remains with “TD” & “TIM RAE”, all digital data produced also remains the property of “TD” & “TIM RAE”.

3.2         Written requests for copies of the data will be considered, however approval will attract a fee.

3.3          All photographic images shall remain copyright of “TD” but will be made available on request.

3.4          Our working CAD files such as .dwg, .dxf & .skp and any sketches or data used to form the PDF files that are issued, will not be issued as part of the “The Works” unless specifically agreed at the outset of the appointment and included in the Estimate produced.

4. Payment.

4.1          Funds Transfers are due in full due prior to commencing each stage up to £1500.00. For each stage over £1500.00 but up to £3000.00, £1500.00 will be required to initiate the stage, the remaining amount will be requested as it is used on a monthly basis. For stage fees over £3000.00 then 50% of funds are required to initiate the stage and the remaining amount will be requested as it is used on a monthly basis.

4.2          From the second last working day of each month TD will issue an invoice for any ongoing works.

4.3          When the monthly invoice shows that a fee is due, payment shall be made by you within 10days in cleared funds by bank transfer. Any other form of payment shall be made in time so that cleared funds will be available 10days from the invoice date.

4.5          Payment will be made by bank transfer (unless agreed otherwise prior to invoicing) to the bank account shown in the estimate, funds request or invoice.

5. Outgoings/disbursements.

5.1          Additional costs incurred by TD, not included in our Estimate, shall be paid by the Client as an extra. We will endeavour to discuss these costs with the client prior to TD incurring them if practicable possible.

6. Variations.

6.1          Where any change is made to the scope of services required by TD, any additional works required by such change, (unless you asked for a fixed price on the additional works prior to commencement) will be charged on a monthly basis with whichever of the following rates apply:

·         £65.00/hr – Principle Rate

·         £50.00/hr – Senior Rate

·         £37.50/hr – Technician Rate

·         £25.00/hr – Office / Admin Rate

7. Estimate Stages.

7.1          Where TD carries out only part of the agreed services detailed on our Estimate, and you cancel the contract the stage fee or deposit paid shall not be returned and any fees due over and above the stage fee & deposit shall be invoiced and due in the manner outlined previously.

7.2          Not all stages need to be initiated, but if initiated must be carried out in the order specified in the estimate.

7.3          On completion of any stage initiated either TD or the client may decide not to carry out further stages, with no reason being required to be given.

8. Drawings/Design.

8.1          All drawings issued as part of “The Works” shall be in PDF digital format unless specified otherwise in the estimate.

8.2          Our design work shall be that as required and detailed on our Estimate.

8.3          Responsibility for the building works, methods and/or accuracy shall be with the contractor/s employed by you.

9. Authority.

9.1         You are authorising Technical Detail to act as “Agent” on your behalf and are also authorising us to appoint and make payments to external consultants of our choice in relation to the estimated costs on your behalf; receipts for these or other disbursement payments are available on request

9.2          Other consultants may be required to carry out items not included within our scope of works as detailed on our Estimate. The requirement for other consultants will be discussed and agreed as necessary. TD is not responsible for supervising their work, nor possible delays incurred by them.

10. Insurances

10.1          Details of insurance are available on request.